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Security and Compliance

We understand the challenge of technology defense having worked with hundreds of customers, vendors, and partners across a variety of industries.

Because every client environment is different, our team of consultants and engineers are vendor-agnostic and build solutions anticipating our client's outcomes and not specific products.

A mature technology program empowered by effective security architecture is one with lower risks, efficient operations, threat and vulnerability awareness, decreased fragility, and increased ability to adapt and react. Locked understands the attacker and translates this to creating effective defensive controls for your business, data, and customers.


We believe in providing technology solutions that are built around your specific business needs and budget.

Our approach is to deliver IT products and systems that are designed to help you get the most for your technology investment using vendor and open-source solutions best suited to the unique needs of your organization.

Our depth and breadth of real-world experience in large-scale environments enables us to assess, scope, and complete projects efficiently. Our architects work closely with your team to determine the solution that best fits your company’s needs and constraints.


A Virtual CISO can provide you with expert guidance, strategic leadership, and minimize related costs.

Most businesses and organizations don’t need a full-time information security officer, but nearly all of them can benefit from occasional expert advice in making critical decisions.

Our Virtual CIO advisory service gives you access to a range of expertise to assist you in understanding the issues you encounter and managing your technology.

These services are provided on retainer with a guaranteed access to expertise when you need it so that you can focus on your business.


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Penetration Testing

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Data Programs

Cloud Security Strategy

Where we've been

  • Beginnings

    Locked got their start in acedemic supercomputing, development startups, ISPs, and credit networks of the early 90s. Abandoning most other aspects of their lives to put together and run things that mattered to the lives of others implementing new technology and making it inter-operate with other friendly systems.

    When users and systems haven't been so friendly, they ran security incidents, e-janitoring and re-architecting tech stacks, gathering evidence, and improving conditions so that history is less likely to repeat itself.

  • Hands-on

    in the trenches

    Having seen many excellent examples of both sterling technology practices and pronounced avoidable anti-patterns of how not to do things, our staff was recruited by consulting outfits to work on projects involving system administration, network management, software deployment and development, integration activities, and special projects for technology management and security operations.

    It is our passion to create stable, trusted, and well-run technology products, processes, and services for our clients using the resources and manpower available. We like to solve problems.

  • Cyber-defense

    Quality assurance for complicated systems

    Technology security is not a process in itself, but a product of a well run technology practice. The recurring problems of security in technology has mostly been that design considerations being detached from technology planning and management.

    Making decisions without a good model or in implicit acceptance of risk without analysis are rooted in misalignment of risks and objective. These are common problems in most organizations, and we've helped our clients adjust their positions to a more measured and intentional approach.

  • Integrity

    Our commitment

    To this end, Locked's work has been in establishing data and security programs that meet the goals of their clients and their partners since before the internet was generally available and continues to this day.

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